RedHat RHCE Exams!

Post date: Dec 26, 2013 4:51:19 AM

We did the RedHat RHCE RH255 rapid track course at work. It was during our holiday party week and not too many people had time to study.

The exam itself was a practical exam which had a lot of trick questions and curve balls in it. Except for me and this other guy, everyone failed both exams. I think this was because many of the people in the group were very rusty with their Linux administration experience or barely familiar with Linux. The rapid track course didn't give them the training on some of the basic stuff like LVM and some of the stuff they did teach went over their heads. The other guy who managed to pass an exam and get his RHCSA studied.

I had doubts on whether or not I had a high enough mark to pass the second exam, but it turns out I did. Everyone at the end of the week felt they learned a bunch of useful things.

I was a little disappointed that the training course seemed very RedHat focused (using keytool instead of openssl) but didn't seem to go in depth with selinux, but if they did, I bet there would be even fewer RHCEs.

In the new year, I plan to some VMware certs and maybe the Cisco CCNP.