STC DSL Router

Post date: Dec 24, 2013 1:21:57 AM

So a friend of mine lent me an STC branded ADSL modem router. I used it as a wifi access point when I was jumping from hotel to hotel by disabling the DHCP server and plugging the provided internet connections into the LAN side. The modem looked a bit like a picture frame and had no identifiable markings on it and I never thought much of it... until the other day.

I discovered it's a Huawei HG520B with STC branding. And it seems I cannot make it create a PPPoE connection and connect off the LAN side. Even if I could it forces an @stc in the PPPoE login. There is no unbranded firmware that I can find and my attempts at fetching and extracting the current firmware have been of limited success. With only 2mb of flash, the DD-WRT guys aren't interested in it. I was able to disable some of the STC specific configuration but I guess I just had to get a real router.

Anyway, here is what I learned:

It's actually a quite a feature rich router. It can:

bridge vci/vpis to vlans on each interface

do basic policy routing

TR-069 provisioning

stateful packet inspection



Login usename/pass: Afaq_shamel/stccpe_2007

Default IP:

Stop the username from changing to Afaq_shamel on reboot:


Password: stccpe_2007

HG520s> sys view

wan adsl rate off

wan dmt2 db tlb 2

wan dmt set bngrelink 0

wan hwdmt afe set ecpause 4000 4000

wan ghs set multi_number 3 2

wan atm vc service 2

wan atm vc action ovr

wan atm vc rxchk on

ip igmpsnoop swigmpadvprxy on

ip igmpsnoop advproxyport ff

sys resetbtntime 6

wan dmt2 set largeD 2

sys adminname Afaq_shamel

wan dmt2 set pmonoff off

wan dmt eoc dyingasp off

sys cwmp recvtimeout 30

w dmt2 set lpr off

ether portreverse on

HG520s> sys edit

EDIT cmd: q(uit) x(save & exit) i(nsert after) d(elete) r(eplace) n(ext)

wan adsl rate off<n>

wan dmt2 db tlb 2<n>

wan dmt set bngrelink 0<n>

wan hwdmt afe set ecpause 4000 4000<n>

wan ghs set multi_number 3 2<n>

wan atm vc service 2<n>

wan atm vc action ovr<n>

wan atm vc rxchk on<n>

ip igmpsnoop swigmpadvprxy on<n>

ip igmpsnoop advproxyport ff<n>

sys resetbtntime 6<n>

wan dmt2 set largeD 2<n>

sys adminname Afaq_shamel<d>

wan dmt2 set pmonoff off<n>

wan dmt eoc dyingasp off<n>

sys cwmp recvtimeout 30<n>

w dmt2 set lpr off<n>

ether portreverse on<n>

Turn off dhcp and stuff:

set lan dhcp none

sys feature tr069 0