Soo... you lost your ILO credentials...

Post date: Jul 3, 2011 3:54:20 AM

Ever had a couple servers that although ILO was configured, the person who set it up had left and documented the credentials somewhere you don't have access to?

Fear not, at least if you can boot the box into some form of linux. It is trivial to reset the ILO credentials from Linux. In this case I had Fedora Core 13 running on an DL380 G6.

First, go to and download the Proliant Support Pack for your version of Linux and HP server.

It comes in a tar archive, extract it into a directory.

Make sure you have net-snmp installed on your server, if you don't, install it with `yum install net-snmp` or however.

Install the hp-health, hp-snmp-agents and hponcfg packages. I did:

rpm -i hp-snmp-agents- hp-health- hponcfg-3.1.1-0.noarch.rpm

If you don't know for sure the user name, use hponcfg to retrieve your current ILO configuration (does not include passwords of course)

hponcfg -w currentcfg

In the xml file currentcfg, you will see a section that looks like:

<USER_INFO MODE="write">


USER_NAME = "Admin User"

USER_LOGIN = "AdminUser"

PASSWORD = "%user_password%">

<ADMIN_PRIV value = "Y"/>

<REMOTE_CONS_PRIV value = "Y"/>

<RESET_SERVER_PRIV value = "Y"/>


<CONFIG_ILO_PRIV value = "Y"/>



Note a user which has ADMIN_PRIV value of Y that you wish to reset.

Create some new XML like this:


<LOGIN USER_LOGIN="Administrator" PASSWORD="thispasswordisnotchecked">

<USER_INFO MODE="write">


<PASSWORD value="NewPassword"/>





Note the values you change are in MOD_USER. In this example, we would change AdminUser's password to NewPassword

Run hponcfg with the -f option specifying your xml. It will run and your ILO password should be reset.

hponcfg -f resetpw.xml