Skinning GPLHost/DTC using imagemagick

Post date: Feb 24, 2011 4:50:01 AM

I didn't like the colours of the bwoup theme as they didn't match the company branding. The skin selection for DTC is not very extensive, and bwoup would have been fine had it been a different colour. My solution - change the colour of all the graphics. Photoshop would be too slow.

First, I copied the bwoup theme to my new theme directory: hostnow

Second, edit skin.php and layout.php, change all occurrences of bwoup to hostnow:

cp layout.php layout.php.bk; cat layout.php.bk|sed -e "s/bwoup/hostnow/g" > layout.php

cp skin.php skin.php.bk; cat skin.php.bk|sed -e "s/bwoup/hostnow/g" > skin.php

Third, use magic to copy changed graphics colours into new skin. I rotated the hues from blue to red using the modulate command option.

cd /usr/share/dtc/shared/gfx/skin/bwoup/gfx/

for image in `ls *.gif`; do convert $image -modulate 100,100,-10 ../../hostnow/gfx/$image; done

cd navbar

for image in `ls *.gif`; do convert $image -modulate 100,0 ../../../hostnow/gfx/navbar/$image; done

cd ../treeview/

for image in `ls *leaf*.gif`; do convert $image -modulate 100,100,-10 ../../../hostnow/gfx/treeview/$image; done

for image in `ls *tv_tree*.gif`; do convert $image -modulate 100,100,-10 ../../../hostnow/gfx/treeview/$image; done

Finally, set the skin in DTCs control panel, view your changes and use a color picker to identify the colours in skin.css which need to be changed and correct the little things.

cp skin.css skin.css.bk; cat skin.css.bk | sed -e "s/1C3135/351C1C/g" -e "s/1C3135/351C1C/g" -e "s/277193/CC0000/g" -e "s/083658/580606/g" -e "s/EFF6F8/F8EFEF/g" -e "s/3F91AF/AFAFAF/g" -e "s/277193/939393/g" > skin.css

My early results of skinning Hostnow's control panel for managing the hosting (still needs icons):

**UPDATE 02/28/2011** just added this to the offical GPLHost Wiki